MEL Advisor Kinshasa, Congo

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Job Description

Position Description:

The MEL Advisor will lead the project’s monitoring, evaluation and learning agenda for a proposed Strategic Information Capacity Building project.  He/she will be responsible for the development of tools and epidemiologically appropriate methods to monitor and evaluate program effectiveness on HIV incidence, prevalence, and community-level viral load, and inform prioritization of interventions to maximize impact, and the promotion of a data use culture. The MEL Advisor will make relevant program and other data available to stakeholders and enhance DRC’s HIV program data quality, analysis, and management. He/she will contribute to all project technical activities. The MEL Advisor will work in concert with the Principal Investigator, the Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Advisor, and the Health Informatics Advisor.

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the design and implementation of the project’s monitoring and evaluation activities, including development of the project’s Performance Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan; development and monitoring of project indicators; and oversight of M&E data collection and analysis.
  • Contribute to design of evaluation protocols and advise on appropriate uses of program monitoring data.

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  • Lead project surveillance activities in close collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • Contribute to strengthening and expanding the use of the National Data Repository, Tier.Net, DHIS2 and VLSM.
  • Provide technical leadership to build capacity of staff, implementing partners, government counterparts, and other stakeholders in program monitoring and evaluation, data collection and management, and data use while promoting an overall culture of data use.
  • Oversee any other M&E staff for the project and ensure clear roles and responsibilities and lines of communication are maintained amongst the team members.
  • Contribute to work plans, quarterly and annual reports, financial reports, and other reports and papers summarizing project results and evidence.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree or higher in Public Health, Epidemiology, Social Sciences, or other relevant discipline.
  • Minimum 8 years of experience working, designing, establishing, and managing monitoring and evaluation systems, ensuring data quality, and analyzing data to support performance improvement in the public health field, with progressively increasing level of responsibility.

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  • M&E experience in HIV and surveillance. Familiarity with DRC’s health management information systems and other national M&E systems.
  • Demonstrated expertise in data analysis
  • Experience and understanding of the CDC and PEPFAR frameworks and reporting systems.
  • Previous experience implementing and managing a rigorous M&E system including developing performance monitoring plans that track performance as sub-results/results and by funding stream.
  • Knowledge of data collection protocols to ensure accurate data collection and verification is essential, as well as an ability to identify data trends, and communicate and disseminate this information to allow for changes in program implementation.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively interact with national, provincial, zonal and community authorities, the U.S. Government, other donors, and other implementing partners.
  • Excellent report writing, analytical and written and verbal communication skills, including oral presentation skills in French and English
  • Fluency in French, ability to read, write and speak fluent English.