Digital Communications Specialist Jakarta, Indonesia

Website Plan International

Job Description

Role Purpose

The Digital Communications Specialist will be primarily responsible for strategic planning and lead the end-to-end implementation under the supervision of the Media and Communication Manager of Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia). S/he will coordinate Plan Indonesia’s digital presence through the Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and other potential platforms. The work includes monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

The incumbent will identify and create conversations around issues related to the organisation’s campaign and mission in a dynamic, responsible, interactive and meaningful way. S/he will lead the audience engagement on all of the organisation’s digital platforms and ensure Plan Indonesia’s brand & visibility guideline and Plan International’s safeguarding protocols. S/he will provide all programme’s digital communication materials and online events aligned with Plan Indonesia’s brand guidelines.

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The incumbent will work with programs and communications specialists to define the right approach for influencers to meet the campaign objectives. The work includes identifying and liaising with relevant influencers, negotiating fair rates for content, and ensuring the applicable agreements are in place. In addition, S/he will collaborate with the project team and Programme Communications Specialists to implement practical digital communications activities aligned with programme objectives.

As part of the national communication team, the job holder will also play a significant role in developing a national communication plan. S/he will contribute to the outreach target of the communication team. The person will ensure an effective social media campaign to help increase Plan Indonesia’s brand visibility and showcase the organisation’s works to the public and key stakeholders.

Last but not least, the job holder will be part of a national campaign movement that will be led by communication and influencing department. S/he will plan and implement flagship campaigns at the national level such as Girls Get Equal, International Day of the Girls, International Women’s Day, National Children Day, etc.

Dimensions of the Role

  • This position reports to the Media and Communication Manager
  • Act as digital communication focal point for Plan Indonesia
  • Develop a strategic digital communications work plan, including a monthly editorial planning
  • Responsible for end-to-end digital communication
  • Monitoring the conversations happening on social media and its audience daily
  • Contribute to national communication plan to achieve target outreach and visibility of the organisation to a targeted audience
  • Develop digital communication report to demonstrate contribution to national branding and communication target
  • Work with programs and communications specialists to define the right approach for influencers to meet the campaign objectives
  • Ensure an effective social media campaign to help increase Plan Indonesia’s brand visibility and showcase the organisation’s works to the public and key stakeholders.
  • Support communication and influencing department to organise/arrange national campaign initiatives (Girls Get Equal, 16 Days of Anti Violence Against Women, Education Shifts Power, Girls in Crisis, Emergency Response, etc.)
  • Ensure all project’s digital communication products and partners comply with Plan Indonesia’s brand guidelines and communication protocol.

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  •  Conduct strategic digital communication activities to improve trend of brand awareness of Plan Indonesia within targeted market and demography
  • Urban and middle-upper societies are aware and interested in Plan Indonesia’s program impact and campaign
  • Develop social media information card containing killer fact which potentially attracts public stakeholders for further engagement
  • Develop monthly social media editorial plan showcasing highlighted works of Plan Indonesia to critical partners (i.e. government, donor agencies, corporates, influencers, youth network)
  • Actively participate in the monthly meeting with the Fundraising department
  • Collaborate with Fundraising to identify new/ potential activation on social media that attracts urban and middle-upper society
  • Support public events in collaboration with the Fundraising team to explore new audiences
  • Plan Indonesia’s campaigns are acknowledged by crucial partners (i.e. government, donor agencies, corporates, influencers, youth networks)
  • Develop joint campaign content with key partners (i.e. government, donor agencies, corporates, influencers, youth network)
  • Develop social media campaign content according to the targeted audience.
  • Develop and update social media editorial plan for Plan Indonesia’s digital presence through Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and other potential platforms
  • Plan Indonesia’s teams and staff to become communicators and influencers for the Girls’ rights campaign
  • Promote campaign through Plan Indonesia social media channels and website
  • Maintain and update social media content for the campaign
  • Identify potential Plan Indonesia’s staffs to help amplify the message on social media

Maintain effective digital communication messaging to enhance the visibility of Plan Indonesia and promote as media reference and trendsetter on girls’ rights issues

  • Plan Indonesia’s spokespersons become the go-to expert for media on girls’ rights issues
  • Produce timely response on essential and urgent issues related to girls’ rights issues in the forms of social media post
  • Maintain conversations and feedback (comments, likes, etc.) on social media daily
  • Support the Public Relations Specialist to execute media partnership deals related to social media content.
  • Plan Indonesia’s key messages are amplified by Key Opinion Leaders/ Influencers through social media channels & public events
  • Develop an effective influencers engagement work plan for Plan Indonesia
  • Create social media content for collaboration with influencers that is interactive and innovative
  • Engage potential partners for social media activation, e.g. social media companies, corporates, influencers
  • Identify and assess KOL/influencers to engage for thematic campaigns
  • Develop programs to maintain engagement with influencers jointly with projects or the Resource Management team
  • Assist in utilising Plan Indonesia’s communication protocol and brand guidelines aligned with global brand standards to all staff and partners. Support to build good network with influencers on social media whose role model for fundraising market and youth
  • Increased reach, impressions and numbers of the audience on Plan Indonesia’s social media channels through digital content addressing the organisation’s campaign messages
  • Develop social media content regularly with solid and vital messages and interactive to the audience


  • University degree in Communications or related fields


  • Between 4-5 years of professional experience managing social media for non-profit organisations, social campaigns, or online media outlets.
  • Excellent skill in copywriting in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • Appropriate skill in using online-based design tools, such as Canva, iMovie, etc.
  • Excellent skilled in popular writing and editing both in Indonesian and English
  • Have a good sense and eyes of art for non-bias and inclusive graphic design and photographs
  • Experience working for NGO / non-profit sector is a valuable asset
  • Experience in the implementation and execution of communications strategy
  • Excellent interpersonal communications and presentations skills

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Knowledge and Skill:

  • Excellent digital communication skills and technology savvy
  • Exceptional ability in managing multiple social media channels
  • Good interpersonal skills and teamwork
  • Good networking with relevant institutions
  • Vast network to work with relevant influencers
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent in English (both speaking and writing)
  • Experience with the communities at the district level and public sector
  • Experience in handling multiple consultants
  • Experience in pitching and maintaining influencers/KOL
  • Good presentation and communication skills
  • Understand human rights and child rights
  • Skill in organising resources and establishing priorities.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to travel nationally or overseas up to 90 days annually, sometimes at short notice.

Website: Plan International