DREAMS Senior Project Manager Pretoria, South Africa

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Job Description

The DREAMS Senior Project Manager will be responsible to oversee and coordinate implementation of the DREAMS Ambassadors program as well oversee and directly manage the administrative tasks within DREAMS at National Office working closely with the 7 Provincial teams in South Africa. He/she will work in close collaboration with Other DREAMS IP in the 7 Provinces specifically around the planning and execution of DREAMS Ambassadors activities that are aimed at instilling leadership skills; team building, public speaking working with different media platforms; sharing information about AGYW HIV prevention and other DREAMS programs; and inspiring adolescent girls and young women to get involved in projects targeting girls in their communities.

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The DREAMS Senior Project Manager will report to the DREAMS Director, in the FHI 360 Capacity Development and Support (CDS) DREAMS project. He/she will oversee coordination, planning, implementation and monitoring of the DREAMS Ambassador program, to ensure progress and deliverables are met timeously and accurately. The incumbent will be required to travel within the province to fulfil the requirements for effective implementation of CDS programmatic goals for the DREAMS project.

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Key Responsibility Areas:

Oversight, communication and coordination – DREAMS Ambassador Program

  • Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with PEPFAR Partners at National level
  • Coordinate timeous and quality implementation of all DREAMS Ambassador camp activities
  • Lead the planning and successful execution of all DREAMS Ambassador Camps around the 7 Provinces
  • Coordinate and work closely with Other DREAMS IP POC during the planning and implementation of DREAMS camps, leading all the logistical arrangements and providing oversight during camp
  • Facilitate the DREAMS Ambassador camp planning committee both at CDS working closely with Provincial Managers, and with Other DREAMS IP Point of Contact for DREAMS Ambassador camp

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  • Provide rapid bi-directional updates and communications between DREAMS leadership and provincial staff and stakeholders
  • Close communication with MTV during the planning of DREAMS Ambassador camps, to ensure their participation as directed by USAID.
  • Coordinate and communicate closely with other offices (Procurement, Finance etc.) within CDS during planning phase of camps to ensure procurement processes are completed timely

Implementation of DREAMS Ambassador Program

  • Oversee the CDS DREAMS Ambassadors cohort across 7 Provinces working closely with the Provincial Managers
  • Ensure that DREAMS Ambassadors within CDS receive an opportunity to practice the skills learnt from the camps, to enhance their personal development and meaningful contribution to the DREAMS program within CDS
  • Work closely with Technical Advisors at National level, to continuously explore ways of utilizing the DREAMS Ambassador both in Social Asset Building and Economic Strengthening
  • Collaborate with the Provincial Managers to ensure DREAMS Ambassador’s active involvement and participation in the program at safe space level, working alongside Mentors under Mentor Supervisor guidance
  • Explore ways of exposing DREAMS Ambassadors to other areas of DREAMS package of services through allowing them to partake in All DREAMS IP activities during pairing, jamborees of any other DREAMS Implementing Partner joint programmatic activities

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Target tracking, progress review and reporting 

  • Report on progress, issues, challenges and local risk management
  • Compile routine and ad hoc reports for DREAMS program, mainly on DREAMS Ambassador camps
  • Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual narrative progress reports on DREAMS Ambassador camps
  • Coordinate, develop and maintain high quality program documents, e.g. trackers, work plans, agendas, minutes of meetings, training reports, etc.

Oversight and management of the administrative tasks

  • Work closely with OVCY IP’s alongside with CDS Finance and Procurement, specifically on the support received from OVCY IP’s (Office space, refreshments, mentor recruitment, transport etc.)
  • Work closely with CDS Finance to monitor expenses of DREAMS funds allocated to OVCY IP’s to identify savings for any potential reprogramming to contribute towards needs of the DREAMS program

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  • Overall management of the procurement plan, working closely with the DREAMS Director
  • Initiate All DREAMS RFP’s in alignment with the items on the procurement plan, ensure to secure all approvals for all RFP’s
  • Initiate All DREAMS RFP’s in support of all other key tasks of the project (i.e. LSA training, YPA training, DREAMS Ambassador camps, any other meetings etc.)
  • Work closely with the Provincial Managers and Project Assistants during procurement of items for the project
  • Review of all RFP’s for correctness and completion prior submission to DREAMS Director for approval
  • Manage the procurement plan tracker to manage and prevent delays, work closely with other offices where there are delays to unlock bottlenecks.

Required Qualifications, Experience and Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Project Management Qualification or related field
  • At least 5-8 years’ project management experience in coordination, implementation and monitoring of youth economic strengthening programs
  • Experiences in INGO sector and local NGO

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  • Ability to represent FHI 360 to donors, Other DREAMS IP’s, Regional Office and HQ
  • High degree of proficiency in written and spoken English and other local languages including excellent presentation, training and report writing skills.
  • Ability to manage work independently, set realistic priorities, and plan for the successful implementation of activities
  • Ability to work under pressure and strong interpersonal skills
  • Flexible and willingness to undertake additional responsibilities
  • Well-developed computer skills, with proven proficiency in Microsoft Office suites
  • Valid South African driver’s license
  • Eligibility to work in South Africa