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AAR Japan

AAR Japan

Organizational background

AAR Japan is an international NGO that reaches out to the most vulnerable populations around the globe, guided by the principles of neutrality and impartiality.

Founded in 1979, we have been working towards achieving a world where all people, as unique and diverse human beings, can coexist with human dignity and in harmony.

Project outline

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In the 20 years since the opening of our office in Meheba Refugee Settlement in today’s Kalumbila District, AAR Japan supported refugees, mainly from Angola, in various areas such as health, education and agriculture until the majority of them repatriated in 2004.

In 2017 we relaunched Meheba operation to provide assistance to former Angolan refugees and Zambian households in the designated Local Integration area. After 2 years of supporting the former refugees and Zambian residents to build integrated communities through 1) forming self-help groups among residents regardless of their status and 2) empowering the groups to work together in water and sanitation management, we plan to further extend our support in the area of livelihood/ agriculture) from 2019.

We aim to strengthen the ability of the residents to implement livelihood activities by providing/distributing necessary equipment and assisting them to conduct collaborative livelihood activities such as joint transport of produce to markets or information sharing session among group members.

Responsibilities of Field Coordinator

1. Communicate and share updated information on time with other Field Coordinators, Livelihood Specialist, Chief Field Coordinator, Programme Coordinator and Head of Office when at project sites.

2. Conduct research/assessment to design/carry out projects.

3. Coordinate and monitor the activities of beneficiaries in the local integration area and give guidance where necessary.

4. Plan activities daily, weekly, monthly and annually for smooth project implementation.

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5. Monitor projects and report the progress and/or issues observed to Chief Field Coordinator, Programme Coordinator and Head of Office.

6. Submit written reports on the information gathered through visits to relevant parties        such as international or local organizations and ministries, and participation in external meetings.

7. Assist preparation of project budget through procurement research and quotation acquisition.

8. Communicate and share updated information on time with other Field Coordinators, Livelihood specialist, Chief Field Coordinators, Programme Coordinator and Head of Office in relation with project implementation.

9. Develop and submit a concept paper and budget for workshop or any other event to Chief Coordinator before the deadline set by the programme coordinator or Head of Office  and make necessary arrangement for implementation.

10. Coordinate and facilitate workshops and any other events for the beneficiaries of the project implemented by AAR Japan Meheba Office.

11. Report the outcomes of the projects by conducting surveys, interviews to beneficiaries, among others.

12. Make and compile activity-related documents on electronic format including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

13. Liaise and collaborate with beneficiaries and stakeholders including but not limited to officers from Department of Resettlement, Office of the Vice president, Ministry of agriculture and Kalumbila District Council.

14. Perform other duties as assigned by Chief Field Coordinator, Programme Coordinator and/or Head of Office.

Needed Qualification

  • Completed grade 12
  • Have minimum of 2 years work experience in community development/ social welfare programmes/ livelihood improvement programmes
  • Good community participatory skills
  • Must possess proven ability to create good working relationships with partners, donors, NGO’s and relevant line Ministries
  • Excellent planning, monitoring and evaluation of information
  • Must be computer literate (Microsoft Word and Excel)
  • Able to communicate fluently in English
  • Knowledge of local languages spoken in Meheba resettlement area will be an added advantage
  • Able to commute every day (Mon- Fri) to the office in Block D in Meheba refugee settlement

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Interested Candidate must submit the following by 30th November 2021:

  • Google form
  • Application letter
  • Two (2) recommendation letters with referees’ contact details
  • CV with applicant’s contact details
  • Photocopy of ID (either of National Registration Card, Passport or Alien Card)
  • Educational/Professional certificates
  • Other relevant certificates

Candidate may apply and submit every soft copy to the following;

  • Google form URL here
  • Or submit every hard copy to AAR Japan office at Former MSF Compound, Road 36, Block D, Meheba Refugee Settlement

Any application after the due date or incomplete applications shall not be considered. Application with any single document lacking shall be STRICTLY EXCLUDED from further selection process.

Please note that only successful candidate will be contacted. The interview shall take place either in Meheba refugee settlement or a virtual meeting room and AAR Japan shall not cover any cost related to the interview such as transportation, accommodation or per diem.

Legitimate employers should never ask for a fee during any stage of the recruitment process. If you are asked for money do not proceed.

To apply for this job please visit