Information And Evidence Officer job at OHCHR

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Job Description

This position is in the Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD) in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Vienna. The incumbent will work under the overall supervision of the Coordinator and direct supervision of the P-4 Investigations Team Leader of OHCHR Examination of the Human Rights Situation in Belarus (OEB).


Within delegated authority, the Information and Evidence Officer will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Manages the OEB’s electronic information and evidence repository and leads information and evidence review and analysis tasks as an eDiscovery project manager by: a) Translating the objectives of investigations into technical activities to assist teams in their examination of electronic content; b) Populating evidence selection systems in a manner that enables teams to select relevant information and evidence; c) Analysing structures and purposes of collected data in order to advise staff on appropriate measures to extract relevant information while maintaining the forensic integrity of the evidence
  • Performs evidence handling and custodial obligations by: a) Ensuring the sound collection, preservation, registration, digitization, and secure permanent storage of collected material and maintaining its chain of custody, provenance taxonomies, auditing, and authenticity; b) Managing data ingestion, processing, and indexing of registered material and populating review and analysis systems; c) Establishing efficient procedures regarding the review of evidence and information; d) Defining, implementing, and maintaining an end-to-end data model supporting efficient information flow within evidence handling business processes and enforcing the provenance of collected material and confidential classifications.
  • Provides advisory services on recordkeeping practices include: needs and business process analysis; organization and maintenance of UN information assets; records preservation and disposition; and information management policies and procedures, with an emphasis on technological applications.
  • Researches, analyses and evaluates new applications of information technology to archives and records management and makes recommendations for their deployment.
  • Participates in record-keeping improvement projects, contributing to feasibility studies, systems analysis, design, development and implementation and in the evaluation and testing of record-keeping application improvements and new systems; provides user support.
  • Develops detailed system and other functional specifications and standards from the recordkeeping perspective and user documentation for new systems.
  • Develops training materials and user manuals; trains staff in use of the recordkeeping system assigned.
  • Manages records accession and disposition functions by applying the life-cycle concept to information assets, including appraisal by liaising with records-originating offices regarding the transfer and/or disposal of their records; assures that retention schedules, registration and physical aspects of records transfers meet established standards; oversees space management and commercial storage contracts; supervises General Service staff in implementing related tasks; and performs records appraisal.
  • Understands, keeps current with and applies preservation techniques and strategies for records in all media. Ensures that the OEB’s storage facilities meet environmental standards.
  • Manages archival processing activities by overseeing adherence to preservation, international bibliographic, description and database standards; produces descriptive inventories; prepares mark-up of descriptive inventories for electronic dissemination; and makes recommendations regarding the planning and prioritisation of preservation and description programme requirements.
  • Performs and supervises reference functions by advising internal and external users about records holdings and accessibility; maintaining communications with other information management networks and records and archives specialists; supervising retrieval and reproduction activities of General Service staff.
  • Ensures that appropriate controls are in place to prevent unauthorised access to information. In collaboration with the OHCHR cybersecurity team, monitors emerging threats, and advises relevant stakeholders on the appropriate courses of action. Oversees cybersecurity assessments and develop strategies for remediating vulnerabilities and risks identified. Investigates all events or reports indicating that a compromise of integrity or confidentiality of information has taken place, especially of a classified/sensitive nature. Develops and implements strategies to mitigate cybersecurity incidents. Helps develop policies, standards and action plans relating to cybersecurity issues. Provides information security training to the personnel of the OEB, to safeguard the confidentiality of OEB’s work at its headquarters and during field missions.
  • Evaluates adequacy of existing records management and reference tools. Implements new technologies in information management to ensure that tools developed for efficient access to information are accessible to staff throughout the Organization.
  • Maintains access and declassification standards by liaising with records-originating offices/offices of interest regarding access to security-classified materials and implements access and declassification determinations.
  • Participates in developing client outreach strategies and in their implementation. Conducts programmes of outreach and user education to improve client use of desktop information resources; uses judgement of relevant institutional needs to develop presentations appropriate to client audience; develops publicity materials to facilitate outreach.
  • Assists in programme administration, including provision of assistance to or supervision of contractual employees and General Service staff, formulation of consultant and institutional contracts and subsequent implementation, development of the programme budget, etc.
  • Performs other related duties, as required.


  • Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in archival, information science, information systems, social science or related field.
  • A first-level university degree in combination with two additional years of qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.

Work Experience:

  • A minimum of five years (5) of progressively responsible experience in modern archives management, record keeping, library, information management or related area is required.
  • Out of the five years, a minimum of two years of experience in managing eDiscovery platforms (e.g. Relativity, Nuix eDiscovery) is desirable.
  • Experience with the handling of digital evidence is desirable.
  • Experience with the handling of physical evidence is desirable.
  • Relevant work experience in cyber security / cyber risk management is desirable.


  • English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat.
  • For the position advertised, fluency in English (both oral and written) is required.
  • Knowledge of Russian is desirable.