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Job Description

Role & Responsibilities:

The Senior Executive Assistant (Sr. EA) has a leadership role among support staff and works closely with the CD, OM, and other members of the CMU’s Management Team in the coordination of support staff (A2D) and in the delivery of the CMU’s work program.

The Sr. EA will also have the overall responsibility for handling the quality, timeliness and completeness of administrative and support functions in the CMU. The incumbent is the first point of contact in the Brasilia Front Office and needs to ensure that the CMU aligns with Bank administrative procedures and standards. The Sr. EA shall have excellent interpersonal skills, be client and team oriented and contribute to a positive and cohesive work environment.

Duties and Accountabilities:

  • Handling the CD’s time by scheduling appointments, meetings, official functions. As the demand for the CD’s time is very heavy, organizational skills and sound judgment in prioritizing and coordinating appointments, complex meetings, and other events is critical. This requires allocating the CD’s time according to business priorities, ascertaining whether the CD’s participation or intervention is critical, and resolving appropriate attendance or representation. The Sr. EA effectively prioritizes and resolves related conflicts and demands. The incumbent monitors and follows up on issues and priorities of concern to the Director and ensures that relevant staff members are informed. The Sr. EA handles confidential and sensitive information, ensures the timely submission and review of briefing materials and the appropriate follow-up actions, making sure those materials are handy for the CD’s review prior to the meetings.
  • Screening and handling the CD’s communication/information flow. As the first point of contact, the Sr. EA handles e-mails, documents, phone calls and visitors. The incumbent determines the nature, purpose, level of importance and urgency of the specific communication, and facilitates appropriate action by bringing it to the CD’s attention or redirecting it to the appropriate person for information or action. Some cases may require a direct response from the Sr. EA, drawing upon own knowledge and experience from similar situations. The incumbent prepares correspondence on a range of topics on behalf of the CD and takes minutes of meetings; relays processes and handles diverse and often sensitive information, with complete confidentiality and discretion; keeps others informed as appropriate, by providing relevant information, reports or status updates; and provides general research support to the CD. The Sr. EA will interact not only with CMU staff but also staff based in the other Country Offices, and with the Anchor Office in HQ. This requires a strong communication flow among virtual teams.
  • Monitoring and quality control of correspondence directed to the CD, or through the CD to RVP, for signature, comments, decision, or action. The Sr. EA ensures appropriate review by the CMU and/or advisors, checks for completeness of background information and conformity to accepted institutional standards both in the format and language; drafts correspondence and prepares short translations, while ensuring adherence to administrative guidelines and overall quality of outputs requiring the CD’s signature.
  • Administration of Country Office and Support Staff (A2D) work program coordination. The Sr. EA assists the OM in ensuring the overall quality of delivery, organization and coordination of office support work. This includes coordination and monitoring of multiple and diverse work processes and activities to ensure that management decisions and directives are properly carried forward and that there is a timely delivery of products. The incumbent ensures flow of communications within the office and acts as a conduit between management and other staff; participates as a member of the Country Office Management Team and may need to provide back up support to the OM when the OM’s assistant is not available.
  • In close coordination with the OM, the Sr. EA maintains an overview of the A2D work program by collaborating and coordinating with those who directly rely on A2D support (i.e., task team leaders and other team members) on staffing, scheduling and resolving work priorities. It is also the Sr. EA’s role to be involved in interviewing, selecting, coaching and mentoring A2D staff in the CMU and participating in the A2D staffing discussions.
  • The Sr. EA will work closely with OM to evaluate overall training needs for A2D Staff in the CMU, through the information in Learning Plans, agreed by Performance Supervisors and A2D staff. The incumbent will communicate and coordinate with the CMU learning committee, the Learning Unit at HQ and the A2D RLT learning coordinator, as appropriate.
  • Planning and preparation of the CD’s operational travel. The Sr. EA ensures that appropriate members of the management team are consulted on the objectives and timing of the CD’s visits to clients and partners, attendance and active participation at key international conferences, media contacts, interviews, speeches and presentations, and the quality and timely completion of briefing materials.
  • Liaison with senior officials both inside and outside the Bank Group. The Sr. EA undertakes representational duties on behalf of the CD, including serving as the first point of contact and liaison with an extensive network of contacts at the most senior levels, both internally and externally. Provides follow-up on required actions, and monitors compliance. The incumbent will respond to extensive and diverse inquiries and make decisions when multiple courses of action are possible, while establishing and maintaining an effective network of contacts both inside and outside the CMU.
  • Leadership role. The Sr. EA provides guidance, leadership and direction within the CMU to facilitate a changing work environment. It is the Sr. EA’s role to coach and mentor junior A2D staff, guide them in their learning needs, making sure that the CMU has the required A2D skills needed to cover the demand. The incumbent provides overall guidance and feedback to A2D staff, providing primary inputs to Performance Evaluations, and playing a significant leadership role with respect to all issues related to A2D staff in the CMU. The Sr. EA will be a part of the LCR A2D RLT, participate in the LCR A2D cross-regional initiatives as well as in institutional/corporate activities outside the CMU.

Selection Criteria:

  • Minimum Education/Experience: High school diploma with 10 years of experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Extensive and diverse experience in more than one VPU is desirable, and an in-depth knowledge of the full range of Bank Group processes, policies, and procedures, particularly with regard to institution-wide decision-making functions. Experience in ensuring adherence to relevant guidelines and overall quality of inputs.
  • Knowledge of the overall objectives of the CMU and an understanding of the broader Bank context in which it operates.
  • Ability to provide the full range of executive office support work at the highest level.
  • Thorough knowledge and use of all relevant computer software, including advanced functions of Bank standard computer applications, and the ability to help organize data and information retrieval systems.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and ability to interact with an extensive network of contacts at senior levels, both internally and externally, and demonstrated ability to respond and deal effectively with diverse situations that require good judgment, tact and diplomacy.
  • Recognized ability to assume leadership role among administrative and client support group.
  • Effective research and analysis capability; ability to exercise strategic thinking on managerial decisions, particularly in critical and/or complex circumstances directly impacting the overall department objectives.
  • Confirmed ability to create and work in a team-oriented, multi-cultural environment, to perform effectively in meeting constantly evolving business needs with competing activities and demands, and to effectively serve both as team leader and team member.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English, and a broad knowledge of substantive functions and programs of the department to prepare correspondence on a range of topics and ensure quality of documents requiring the Director’s approval and/or signature.
  • High degree of judgment and tact in handling the most critical, diverse and confidential material.
  • Outstanding skills in organizing, prioritizing, scheduling, planning and coordinating work and other activities internally and externally.