NECTA Top 10 schools in Form two Results Tanzania 2021/2022

Get all information about Necta Top ten schools in FTNA 2021/2022 (Form two exams 2021/2022), Shule Kumi (10) Bora Kitaifa kidato cha pili 2021/2022 (FTNA), top 10 FTNA 2021/2022, Shule Kumi bora kidato cha pili 2021/2022.

Even the tallest of buildings cannot stand without a solid foundation. Your child’s education is no different. Given the importance of quality education in today’s fast-paced world, primary and secondary schooling plays a pivotal role in your children’s growth. This is a widely-accepted fact. The question now is ‘how do we identify the best schools in FTNA 2021/2022?’ This post is to help you answer this.

The following is a list of Necta Top ten schools in FTNA 2021/2022.

(Shule Kumi (10) Bora Kitaifa (FTNA)

  1. St Francis Girls – Mbeya
  2. Kemebos – Kagera
  3. Graiyaki – Mara
  4. Canossa – Dar es salaam
  5. Tengeru Boys – Arusha
  6. Monica Moshono Girls – Arusha
  7. Augustine Tagaste – Dar es salaam
  8. Centennial Christian – Pwani
  9. Bethel sabs Girls – Iringa
  10. Bright Future Girls – Dar es salaam.

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